15 Functional Scandinavian Design

One of the principle tenets of Scandinavian design is that of symmetry. But as simple as two candleholders put side by side or two chairs, either side of a chest of drawers or writing bureau. Of course, when we talk about Scandi décor, wood is the best and the most popular natural material for every Nordic dwelling. Also, you could combine it with wicker, rattan, seagrass, and/or copper. Scandinavian design is all about being calm, simple, pure and yet being fully functional. White is one of the key colours for Scandinavian Design, it is not all about blue and white stripes.

It’s time to get hygge, which is a Danish lifestyle concept, to make your dwelling a comfortable place with a serene ambience and sunny mood. Use neutral colors, such as white, light grey, tan, beige, and dusty pink. Such earth tones are all about feeling cozy in muted hues. Moreover, you could create more visual space when you paint your walls and ceiling in a white or light grey hue.

However, it is becoming more popular now to add in injections of colour – be it black, grey, yellow, or injections of any colour. Scandinavian design emerged in the 1950s and became popular again from the 1990s. Painted furniture is central to this design so purchasing a couple of chairs at auction. And applying a couple of coats of paint and you will be well on your way to creating this look within your home decor.