19 DIY Pumpkin Flower Arrangements

For this project I used a large faux pumpkin, but you can use any size pumpkin, real or fake for this easy fall decoration. This will look fantastic anywhere in your home, on the hearth, on a sideboard or on a kitchen island. Finding that perfect centerpiece to match your china and house decor can be pretty difficult, but what if you could make everything blend seamlessly? What if you could even do it for the fraction of the price your thought? Well, you’d do it of course! By choosing to DIY Thanksgiving centerpieces, you can put literally whatever you’d like on your table. Even better, you won’t find anything else like it in stores. So are you ready to knock the socks off your guests this year? Me too!

Because of everything centers around the table at Thanksgiving, a good centerpiece is a key to whether your Thanksgiving will be one for the ages or a disaster. First things first, cut open and hollow out your pumpkin. Then you’ll need to find a bowl or vase that fits nicely inside the empty pumpkin. Then, add your first layer of flowers. I used dusty miller which act as a bed for the rest of the flowers to lay on. Roses work really well for this and are easy to come by, so I suggest using a dozen for this centerpiece.

You’ll be cutting them to fit based on your vase size, just make sure the ones on your outer perimeter are shorter and the ones in the center are a bit taller. But in reality, Thanksgiving centerpieces can make or break your holiday ensemble. The DIY Thanksgiving centerpieces below may spark some ideas that fit your home and table style. If you are using a real pumpkin, you might want to cut the stem down. I simply pushed the foam down over the stem on this pumpkin.