24 Charming Traditional Christmas Tree Decor Ideas

Let’s start with the fun part…seeing all of these amazing trees! So many of these trees are from some of my favorite bloggers so that made putting this together so fun! Today I’m sharing how I flocked my Christmas tree. I received a lot of messages after posting my Michaels Dream Tree and hope this helps those of you wanting to add a snowy effect to your tree. I have always been better at the DIY aspect of blogging than the actual blogging part of blogging.

This, of course, is somewhat misfortunate for me, because the writing portion is actually quite important to the readers. Especially if I want to keep them, right? I am starting with Jennifer’s trees of Decor Gold Designs. To be honest I would love to have a front porch. But I do not. If I did it would be decorated year-round and especially at Christmas. Looking to deck your house with creative and wonderful Christmas home décor ideas?

We’ve found 6 really popular and awesome inspirations to give every room of the house that joyous Christmas décor. From the holiday center piece, festive decorative hanging pieces, to a fire-place decoration, there are plenty of Christmas home décor ideas to steal from to give your home a wonderful time of the year! She was one of the first bloggers I started following and she never disappoints! She always does such a great job of coordinating her trees with the decor of her beautiful spaces!