24+ Gallery Photo Wall Ideas and Inspirations

Because who really uses these for taking notes anymore? This is as easy as it looks: just stick your Post-It notes on the wall (you may want to use glue or tape for added security). Arrange them as closely to one another as possible, slightly overlapping the horizontal rows. I’ve always loved the look of a photo wall galleries. Wall galleries featuring tons of hung photos in a home just shows such much love in my opinion.

Sometimes it’s not just photos, I love when different elements are mixed in as well! If you are or are not looking for juvenile bedroom ideas, think on the subject of what your youngster person people following and see their room through their be of the same opinion. Each of these creative projects can be easily personalized to reflect your taste and style. Add some funky style to your bedroom or dorm room with an awesome photo collage. They’re so cheap and easy to make but look super cool! The tutorial below shows you how to create Tumblr style collages, and you can do them in heart shapes, over your mirror, add LED lights – the options are endless!

And its such a great way to show off special times with your friends, family, boyfriends, holidays, graduations…just anything special in your life! We moved into this house 6 months ago. It’s slowly becoming home. Something I told my husband when we signed the papers was that this home, I wanted to fill with items that meant something. I am totally guilty of shopping Target clearance. Customize it with your own colors and design layout. Just adhere the stencil to the wall, paint through it, and continue repositioning the stencil to complete your design. Helpful instructions are here.