25+ Cute and Easy Long Hairstyles for School

There are many different hairstyle ideas for long haired women, updo and half down half up hairstyles are also very versatile. You can add twists and braids to your hairstyle. Bun style is perfect for formal looks, low bun is really trendy look it is both masculine and professional. Messy updo styles and a big messy bun is also a great option for every occasion from weddings to casual styles. You can add braids to your hairstyle to create romantic and different looks.

Going back to school is a huge event. Whether you’re in the first grade or a senior in college, you want to look presentable on the first day. These looks will have you looking and feeling incredible. The best part about these ideas, though, is how easy they are to copy. From the two-minute twist to the classic high pony, these hairstyles are quick and fun. So you want to switch up your haircut, but you don’t want to go short. We get it. Hairstyles for long hair have been in since before the invention of scissors — though the decades have shown us myriad ways to rock long hair, from big ’40s curls to ’90s graduated layers.

The perfect style for when you want to let your hair be free! This style keeps your curls tamed, but will make you feel ready to party! Adding layers around your face is a good way to make softer angular faces shapes and add interest. Layers create a relaxed impression, soften angular faces, and give strict and serious looking faces an innocent look. Your layers can be nice and short or long and sexy whatever the way you want your haircut to be. Layers have been the most popular trend since last decade and women love to add layers to a simple haircut because it gives them a prospect to experiment with their looks.