25 Smart Classroom Ideas From Real-Life Teachers

Hang up a parking lot board to take random questions. My classroom job chart really gets hard use and rarely lasts more than one year. Luckily there are so many cute ideas out there to copy. Make yourself a filing system to hold all the copies you need for each week. Have students post feedback or suggestions, or quickly check to see if the room is really understanding something. This free real life math lesson will help you teach your kids to add and subtract decimals. After all, cactus makes perfect. This theme really stands out on fabric. So you must have it on rugs, throw pillows, pencil cases, knick-knack bags, etc.

Throw pillows are great for reading areas so why not incorporate some cute cacti there as well? I can’t sew but I wish I could! If you’re like me, you can use ready-made cactus pillows. This open-ended lesson will challenge kids in a real-world concept that they can apply daily. Kids will be highly engaged in this lesson, because it’s so relevant and real. This resource comes with colorful, free printables and awesome teaching tips.

Hang inspirational quotes around the room, mounted on inexpensive scrapbook paper. Or bring in an old refrigerator door for a homey display. Offering an entire desert of fun, the sweet and succulent centerpieces come in an assortment of shapes. The cactus branches can also be used for storage either and use the magnetic arm to tidy away all those pesky paperclips! Display great student work using scrapbook paper and clothespins attached to the bulletin board. Old file sorters store multiple iPads as easily as they stored actual files.