26+ Tips and DIY Decorating Ideas for the Home

Organizing the most-used spaces in your home can be difficult. You and your family are constantly reaching for things in the bathroom, the kitchen or in your closets. So any organization ideas have to be practical and easy to maintain. We’ve all been there. Being disorganized isn’t something that happens overnight, it’s a gradual thing. And keeping your home tidy and organized can be a challenge. Especially if you are busy working on your other important goals. Where to start? Here are some of the best tips and DIY Organization Ideas to get your home tidied up once and for all!

Don’t forget to organize your medicine cabinets! We LOVE these tips to organize your medicines and label them by the needs they meet. It helps when at 2am you are hunting for the medication for a specific health concern. Fashionistas suggest that by simply taking pictures of your favorite pieces of clothing together can help you stay organized. You’ll know how to pair things better too. Take an iPad or your cell phone and simply take a picture of your clothes put together, flip through them and decide on what you want to wear the day of!

These genius ideas, tips, and DIY projects will organize every nook and cranny of your kitchen! We spend so much time in our kitchens, wouldn’t it be so much nicer if we eliminated the clutter? Attending Boarding School from a young age I was in trouble a lot over a messy bedroom. Luckily today there are lots of bedroom organization hacks and tips to keep one’s bedroom organized and neat. I had to share a bedroom with my younger sister. I am obsessed with the colorful DIY cube storage in this nursery closet!