27+ Easy Healthy Snacks Ideas

Who doesn’t LOVE to snack?! Whether you’re having friends over, or you are looking for something to fill you in between meals, snacking comes in the picture. That’s because people think that snacks, in general, are a bad choice, especially when trying to stay fit and maintain a healthy weight. But what if I tell you that snacking doesn’t necessarily mean unhealthy and that I have the best snacks for weight loss right here!? Yup, that’s right! We all feel hungry before dinner time, the Instant feeling of something sweet or a salty recipe for the instant energy before working out. The Solution? A healthy snack.

A snack which should count fewer calories. Sometimes it’s good to get a healthy snack which doesn’t count the calories of entire food. If you were to look through my purse, you’d most likely find snacks hidden away in secret pockets. I always have some sort of bar stashed away along with a random bag of almonds and smushed piece of fruit. I depend on snacks daily and my husband depends on me to be prepared (so I get a little ugly when I’m really hungry, so what?!) And now that I am a mom, I find it even more important to never leave the house without being armed with a selection of choices for my little guy.

I consider myself a healthy eater, but I do admit, snacking is my kryptonite. When you snack on things like chips and cookies, you’re getting instant gratification with nothing in the long run. Have you ever noticed that shortly after you snack on those types of foods, you’re hungry ten minutes later? And then you end up eating even more of the bad-for-you snacks. It’s a vicious cycle.