27+ Outdoor Decorations with Farmhouse Style

Give your outdoor shrubs an added level of dimension by planting them in decorative pots and planters. Planters assist in setting the style for your patio. Whether you decide to replicate your home’s interior decor on your deck or differentiate the outdoor space with a distinct style, you can use outdoor planters to amplify the look. Read our guide on Patio Decorating Ideas for more tips on styling your patio.

Sometimes it is not easy trying to figure out the ideal style of decorating for your particular home. Why keep the elegant lighting indoors when you could put it front and center on your farmhouse style porch? It certainly makes a welcoming statement! For a look that never goes out of style, set out ornate urns and classic planters that highlight traditional decor.

Urns are an outdoor planter staple that have their place primarily in traditionally styled patio designs. Color, style, and carved detail can be personalized to your taste. A non-negotiable aspect of traditional decorating is the element of symmetry. Align matching urns in pairs, flanking a patio door, surrounding the top of the stairs, or bordering a walkway. The urn’s material determines the weight. Go with something lighter like plastic or fiberglass if you anticipate wanting to rearrange them.