27 Shiplap Decorating Ideas You’ll Want to Try

Whoever was the genius that thought of putting shiplap on walls, I thank you. Seriously, thank you. When I moved into my home two years ago, there were quite a few imperfections on the walls. Shiplap was a great way to hide it, instead of plain old paint, which I do love as well, just not as much. If you’re looking for a DIY update for your bathroom that you can start in and finish in one weekend (and I mean one weekend where you have normal life going on…not one weekend where the whole crew comes in and finishes a house in one weekend…seriously, how do they even do that!?) – this is it! I promise to keep this guide on how to install a faux shiplap wall super simple.

Walls are functional parts of our home or office, but they can also help with the aesthetics of the space. If you have a specific architectural detail you want to underline, if you have a room or space that is way too big in your opinion, or if you think a room is too dull, you can easily change its entire appearance with the help of a wall. If you see the size of this bathroom, there definitely wouldn’t have been room for him and me/my big ‘ol belly) have skim coated the walls…which is just a fancy word for making the texture smooth.

The texture throughout the entire house was hideous. It looked like someone took dry wall mud and had a splatter paint party. You can put it on the ceiling as I have already mentioned. Install it vertically or in a herringbone pattern. Paint or stain it any color your little heart desires. Use different colors throughout your wall treatment. I could probably go on and on.