28+ Very Cute Engagement Photo Ideas

Equally important to prom itself, is a gorgeous (or hilarious) prom picture of you and your squad. What good is the perfect prom dress or the perfect prom date if you have no pictures to gawk at afterwards? Plus, we all know you really just want an excuse to get close to your date. That’s why you’ll need to come up with some unique ways to break the ice. After these shots, you’ll roll into prom more prepared than ever.

The dress, the flowers, the hair and makeup, and shoes and jewelry, the dinner and the actual prom is an expense in almost every tax bracket! You want to make sure you capture your junior or senior in high school at their very best and preserve some of those memories of them with their friends and dates. Here are some tips to help you do that even if you aren’t a professional. If you are recently engaged you are probably now immersed in the very serious business of wedding planning. And while some aspects of wedding planning definitely cannot be accurately described as “fun”, one potentially fun pre-wedding activity is your engagement photo shoot.

If they are running the show and you have no say on what time the photos are, try to find a building tall enough to block the sun so they are all in the same light. If you can’t, then turn their backs to the light so it’s on their hair and not unevenly on their faces. Your engagement photos will be priceless mementos of this most magical time in your life. Corsages are one of the biggest parts of prom so whey not show yours off with the rest of your friends. This might be impossible on automatic settings and smart phones.