29+ Best Bathroom Mirror Ideas to Reflect Your Style

Searching in the mirror can be a vital part of an everyday regimen. And also while we could all agree that elegance starts from the inside out, we certainly don’t mind any aid we can get to look and feel our finest on the normal. The bathroom mirror is essential, but “essential” doesn’t have to be synonymous with “boring.” Is yours plain and without a frame?

Then you have ample opportunity to add some personality and sneak in a little extra bathroom storage, to boot! Made from 1×4 lumber, this 3-½”-deep ledge on this boxed frame creates a shadowbox effect around the reflective surface, offering just enough room for bottles of hand soap and lotion or a set of toothbrush and paste. That’s why we’re always on the search for bathroom mirror concepts – you could consider it an investment in just how you see on your own.

For something you invest a healthy and balanced amount of time gazing right into daily (all right, sometimes unhealthy), you could pay for to spend a bit even more time ensuring you have actually picked the best one. Confirmed: It’s worth it, and you’re worth it. Bathrooms can be found in all shapes and sizes, which can lead to some enjoyable and to some frustrating problems. They just might spark a beneficial suggestion for your room.