29+ Woollen Throw Bedroom Ideas

You think that cramped space can make you feel claustrophobic, however with smart and strategic design and styling as well as creative organization can turn your small space feel so comfortable and stand out. Let’s be honest about this, there are worse things to be wrapped up in during the cold winter months. At least, your room can be roomy enough that you can spend most of the time on weekend.

You can use these designer tricks below for best reference and brainstorming your creative ideas ahead. It means that your small and tiny bedroom cannot get your down. You should know that there is not magic trick for layout of your small bedroom. Generally, there is obvious main wall to place your bed and you might no too smart with placement.

The simple white and navy wall blends together with the woody accent tile. You can add traditional pattern for your rug. Then you can keep your simple layout and hang more ornaments, such as green factors as you can see on that picture. If you don’t want a wall full of picture frames, how about hanging your pictures slightly differently on the wall? If you don’t have scarves or handkerchiefs to hang from that string garland at the top, use pegs to hang your favourite pictures instead.