33+ Brilliant Closet Organization Tips

Is it just me or do you also find that no matter how much you try or intend on trying, your closets always ends up messy? I know, it’s frustrating especially when you want to find something but you’re faced with what looks like a monstrosity. While it can feel very time-intensive, with a system in place you’ll be able to get in there and declutter your closet. What I’ve come to realize is that your closets don’t have to look pretty, they just have to serve their purpose without looking horrific! So, don’t worry about buying the prettiest of shelves or throwing a ton of money or time into it.

This is such a clever hack that will save you a lot of time! Using tags with digital pictures you can easily know what’s inside each garment bag without unzipping. The theory to this is: what you actually WEAR is OUT of your closet, so you can then go IN your closet and easily find the things you do NOT wear. For many, this way of decluttering and organizing your closet works brilliantly, for others, it just creates MORE of a mess OUTSIDE their closets. Most of you ladies know that we don’t just have one or two products in the bathroom closet, there’s a mountain of essential stuff that tends to leave the place in a mess.

What I like about this system is that everything is organized and labeled in separate plastic containers so there’s no reason for anything to go missing. Clean, simple and organized, it’s perfect. I’ve already organized just about every closet I have in my home, for posts on this blog, but I frequently see new handy little tools that can serve many purposes, AND take up less space at the same time.