Top 29+ Care Tips for Happy and Healthy Succulents

Do you love the look of succulents but can’t seem to keep them alive? Succulents are the darling of the gardening world. Succulents offer brilliant colours and are at their best when exposed to long days of direct sunlight (6 hours+ of direct light).   There are several reasons why succulents just don’t make it, and by making a few tweaks, you can get some amazing results.  Do you typically have a green thumb (or not!) but succulents just don’t appear to be your thing?

It sounds like you need a little Succulents. Succulents are the darling of the gardening world. While you can grow succulents in the shade, their colour won’t be as intense. The more sun the better! Your best bet for succulents is to water thoroughly, but less often.  This is the rule whether the plants are indoor or outdoor. Stay away from ineffective misting and ensure that the top 2 inches of soil are dry before you water deep and saturate the soil.

They are a type of cacti after all, so they can get by with less water and enjoy well-drained soil. The soil should feel cool and damp to the touch, but never saturated or watered down and NEVER muddy. You might want to mist the ground instead of feeding directly for best results. Succulents don’t need to be watered like your ordinary or typical houseplant.