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This year, PrideFest and the Milwaukee Pride Array were acutely annulled for the aboriginal time. While abounding lamented the cancellations on amusing media, new organizers stepped into the blackout to accomplish some noise.

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PrideFest 2019 accustomed the 50th ceremony of the Stonewall Uprising with a advocate alarm to action: “RISE!” And this year, the association absolutely stepped advanced and redefined what it meant to RISE. On Sunday, June 7, over one thousand marched through Walker’s Point and the Historic Third Ward for the Advance with PRIDE for #BlackLivesMatter. Elevating the altered voices, adventures and talents of the bounded African-American LGBTQ community, the advance attenuated pride messaging with the appeal for amends and change.

(PHOTO: Cormac Kehoe)

This was not your accepted pride parade. This was an emotionally-charged movement, harkening aback to the ancient canicule of gay pride, area marches were advised both a political announcement and a amusing disruption. Truly, “pride” hadn’t looked annihilation like this in decades, and conceivably never afore in some of the marchers’ lifetimes. 

The Advance for Pride has its airy roots in the 1st Ceremony Pride Advance and Assemblage of June 17, 1989, area over 1,000 aggregate in Cathedral Square to accurate their acrimony about inequalities, their fears about the angry AIDS catching and their acerbity adjoin a government that didn’t care. The advance has connected been advised not alone the bigger LGBTQ beef in Milwaukee history, but the agitation of the modern pride movement. Milwaukee’s bubble crosswalks, which outline the avenue of the Advance forth Wells Street, were committed in 2018 to all who participated.

The Wisconsin LGBTQ History Project, built-in at PrideFest in 1995, has connected been tracking the timeline of Wisconsin pride celebrations as able-bodied as the altered history of Milwaukee Pride, Inc. For 30-plus years, we’ve advised Pride Week 1988, hosted by the Milwaukee Lesbian Gay Pride Committee, to be the birthplace of today’s PrideFest. 

So, brainstorm our abruptness aback we apparent an acting alternation of Milwaukee pride festivals that about cipher remembers – and, attractive back, we can about accept anytime absolutely existed.

During a May 6, 2011 account from the Milwaukee Transgender Oral History Project, Dr. Brice Smith baldheaded some hidden history with Josie Carter and Jamie Gays.

BS: Accept you gone to PrideFest?JG: Oh yes.JC: Oh yeah.JG: I was in the aboriginal PrideFest. We had it at Juneau Park.JC: Aback it aboriginal started.JC: No no no no, the aboriginal one, in Oak Creek.JG: Oh yeah. Oak Creek, yeah.JC: Way bottomward in Oak Creek area we got raided. By the bikers, bethink that?

The aboriginal PrideFest? 

In Oak Creek? 

Well, I absolutely didn’t bethink that. As accession who grew up in Oak Creek, aback it was still a acreage town, I ability bethink a PrideFest accident out there afore 1988, and abnormally one that was raided by bikers. I was on the Pride lath for ten years – heck, I akin wrote a book about LGBT Milwaukee – and still I knew annihilation about this. Cipher I asked about this abstruse “first PrideFest” knew annihilation about it either. Unfortunately, Josie larboard us in 2014, and Jamie is bald to ask.

What in the apple were they talking about? Sure, we’d heard casual mentions of “the aboriginal PrideFest accident in a parking lot abaft a bar” in the History of Gay Wisconsin group. But this acknowledgment fabricated it complete like added than aloof a parking lot party.  

So, naturally, I had to dive in.

In August 1961, a mild alternation of bar fights put Milwaukee on the map of gay uprisings. The Black Nite Brawl appear that gay bodies existed in Milwaukee, in numbers ample abundant to avert themselves and their area aback challenged.  Afterwards a lifetime in the shadows, gay bodies saw the Black Nite as a arbor point, and the association became braver and bolder. One ability akin alarm it the birthplace of Milwaukee pride.

However, pride challenge didn’t curl absolutely as bound in Milwaukee as they did in Los Angeles or New York, but adamant efforts were fabricated throughout the 1970s.  On Sept. 6, 1971, Chuckie Betz and the Gay Liberation Advanced appeared in a Labor Day array agitation the Vietnam War. Thirty to forty men and women marched arm in arm, but alone Chuckie, and his aces genderqueer look, fabricated the advanced folio of the Milwaukee Journal that day.

Gay People’s Union hosted the Midwest Homophile Conference at the Marc Plaza in April 1972, which brought admired activists Dr. Frank Kameny, Barbara Gittings and Troy Perry to Milwaukee for the aboriginal time. Presumably, this covering accident captivated time, assets and finances, as there was no pride accident in 1972.

On June 29, 1973, Gay People’s Union launched Gay Pride Week, which includes baseball games, dances, rallies, a buffet dinner, a “Gay In” at Juneau Esplanade and a barbecue in Estabrook Park. The challenge were so acknowledged that GPU sponsored a Mardi Gras Ball at the Performing Arts Center on Feb. 9, 1974. Out amateur and amateur Michael Greer accustomed 350 participants to the event, afresh advised the bigger acquisition of gay men in Milwaukee history. The accident accustomed animate advantage on WTMJ4 and a next-day atom in the Milwaukee Journal.

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Gay pride challenge ebbed and flowed throughout the 1970s. The Chicago Pride Array was bigger, added alone and added exciting, so abounding Milwaukeeans fabricated it an ceremony tradition. Gay People’s Union had abundant contingents in 1978 and 1979, which got bodies cerebration about hometown challenge for 1980.

On June 28, 1980, a baby pride array marched from Juneau Esplanade west to MacArthur Square, area a assemblage awaited. Aggressive CPU organizers additionally hosted a artery affair alfresco the Factory Bar (158 N. Broadway), a blur festival, a aptitude show, a Boondocks Hall meeting, a beheld arts appearance at UWM, a buffet banquet at Mitchell Park, an Entertainer’s Club achievement of “Hello Dolly” and a allotment bus to the Chicago Pride Parade. Student organizers were egged in the UWM Union during their show. 

Another array and assemblage was planned on June 27, 1981. “Many associates of Wisconsin’s gay and lesbian association achievement to accomplish history by accommodating in the bigger gay abandon advance anytime captivated in our state,” apprehend the array manifesto.  However, the 1981 array seems to accept been a bust. Milwaukee accurate the Chicago Pride Array – with beyond and beyond delegations every year – but the “Gay Rights State” didn’t host any bounded pride challenge in 1982. It’s not bright why, but Gay People’s Union seemed to accept accustomed up.

A alarming beachcomber of civic aqueduct bombs didn’t affect festivities. Twenty-one bombs were activate in three states, including two that exploded abreast Third and Accompaniment and one in the Civic Center Plaza parking garage. Five bombs exploded in Chicago, and six added were activate in La Crosse. The “North Central Gay Assignment Force” took acclaim for the explosions, claiming backfire for badge atrocity and oppression. Eventually, it was apparent that no such accumulation existed, and the bombs were the assignment of a distinct individual. Afterwards a bomb went off in his car in Mason City, Iowa, he was apprehended, ailing and bedevilled to 18 months in jail.  

“No one, from anywhere in the state, has anytime heard of this organization,” wrote Ron Geiman, administrator of In Footfall Magazine. “I accept it’s the assignment of a homophobic/severely closeted alone who believes (in his adulterated mind) that he’s accomplishing us a favor.”

At the aforementioned time, the annoyance of AIDS began to approach over the Midwest. “AIDS. It’s not aloof for the fashionable coasts anymore. It’s here. And it’s real,” reads an apocalyptic ad from the era. Amid 1979 and 1983, 3,000 cases were appear in the U.S. and 1,900 patients had already died. These numbers would quadruple by 1985, aback the Milwaukee AIDS Project formed as the city’s aboriginal accommodating crisis response.

Inspired by the aperture of Admirable Avenue Mall, and the awakening of Downtown that was accepted to follow, the Admirable Avenue Pub opened at 716 W. Wisconsin Ave. in August 1982. The bar approved to accomplish a “Cheers” vibe on West Wisconsin Avenue – which was a alpine adjustment in these semi-blighted blocks, which included the Milwaukee Accessible Library, the Norman Apartments, Denmark Developed Books, Dunkin Donuts and the long-running Club Baths, 702 W. Wisconsin Ave.

The pub offered full-service cafeteria and dinners on weekdays and brunch on weekends. The card was absolutely extensive, alms not aloof beer-battered angle chips and burgers, but cream and turf, prime rib and oysters. “Breakfast on the Avenue” offered sidewalk dining at a time aback this was exceptional of Downtown. The bar additionally offered all-you-can-eat spaghetti and meatballs, absurd craven and potato pancakes that were accepted with the bounded blaze department.

Today, a gay bar on 8th and Wisconsin ability assume unusual, but the bar cast was adequately broadcast in 1982. The Beer Garden was still activity able abreast Washington Park; The Finale and Tina’s were advancing in Riverwest; Lost & Activate and Essinger’s were out on 27th Street; absolutely a few confined were operating in the Third Ward and Walker’s Point; and of advance The Factory, The Mint Bar and This Is It were all Downtown. It helped that the bar was abutting aperture to the Club Baths, which was announcement opportunities to “proudly bless Wisconsin’s acknowledging developed laws” 24 hours a day with $2 lockers.

Owner Paul Gumsey ahead managed the Ozone Bar in West Allis, and now, with his accomplice Scott O’Meara, he was creating article new and altered for Milwaukee. He was on to article amazing – if he could aloof authority assimilate it.

Celebrating the aboriginal ceremony of the bar, Labor Day weekend and gay pride overall, Gumsey appear the accession of “GayFest” on Aug. 28, 1983. GayFest would accompany Milwaukee’s “first alfresco gay festival” to the alleyway abaft the Admirable Avenue Pub block. Challenge included the consummate of Miss, Ms. And Mr. Gay Admirable Avenue, anatomy painting, baptize airship fights, pie throwing, a wet bodice challenge for the ladies and a wet jockey shorts for the guys, and abundant abundant more.  Ball was provided by Raygirl of Club 219, Select Complete and the Who’s No Lady Review. Over 500 aerial of broiled blah were served that weekend. 

No appearance numbers were provided. RAGG, the alone LGBT media in boondocks in 1983, mentions “amazing assembly and a acceptable time had by all.” Said the editor in chief, “I’m abiding we will see this become an ceremony accident in the Burghal of Festivals.”

When Caliginosity (814 S 2nd St.) restaurant debuted with candlelit, adventurous dinners in abatement 1983, it gave Admirable Avenue Pub some austere antagonism that it didn’t need. The M&M Club was already gay Milwaukee’s adopted abode for dinners and brunches. By June 1984, there were three agnate pubs aggressive for the aforementioned “gay dollars” with the aforementioned identical menus. While Caliginosity and M&M invested heavily in advertising, Admirable Avenue Pub didn’t assume to acquaint at all. Unfortunately, Caliginosity and M&M were afterpiece to accepted confined accomplished for after-dinner drinks, while Admirable Avenue Pub was an island unto itself.  

Kitchen business began to decline, and eventually, aliment account was cancelled. Rumors began to broadcast that Gumsey was breaking up with O’Meara and/or affective to California. By aboriginal May, media appear that Admirable Avenue Pub’s doors were locked. “I had added business interests,” Gumsey told InStep, “and I awash the bar at a acceptable price.”

It’s cryptic whether or not Admirable Avenue Pub was anytime sold, but the bar did reopen – with aboriginal owners Gumsey and O’Meara, and new administrator Henry Simonis – in October 1984. It’s anyone’s assumption what the four ages abeyance was all about. Now calling itself “Milwaukee’s gay affair pub,” Admirable Avenue arrive guests to “Party on the Avenue” with the city’s longest blessed hour and midnight alcohol specials. The blueprint worked, the bar regained its acceptance and the restaurant business returned.

Whether or not there absolutely anytime was a GayFest II charcoal a mystery. Admirable Avenue Pub was bankrupt from May to October 1984, and InStep Magazine took a summer vacation as well. There’s absolutely no media acknowledgment of any accident accident in the parking lot or anywhere else.  

Celebrating their collective altogether in August 1985, Gumsey and O’Meara appear their aggressive plan to host GayFest III as a three-day weekend festival. Crowds applauded, apperception the acknowledgment of the affectionately remembered aback alleyway operation of 1983. However, organizers were aiming for article abundant bigger than a parking lot party. 

GayFest III would be captivated in the blooming fields of burghal Franklin. Sponsored by BESTD Clinic, the accident was advised to accession money for the Milwaukee AIDS Project. In accession to fundraising, organizers hoped the ceremony would actualize a bigger accessible acumen of the gay community. 

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Although this was a fundraiser, it was additionally advised to be a festival, not a protest, advance or activist event. This was a audible and apparent change in tone. Bodies were actuality for fun, not to fight.

With connected ball from apex to midnight, the accident offered abounding acute activities, including a Dunk A Annoyance Queen Tank, 100 Yard High Heel Race, Tug of War Battles, Mr. Gay Fest competition, a annoyance showcase, aliment vendors, children’s activities, beer area and a ball tent. La Cage accurate the accident with lighting, complete and DJ equipment. A shuttle bus would carriage guests from Downtown (Grand Avenue Pub) and Walker’s Point (La Cage). Three thousand bodies were accepted to appointment the area from Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota and akin the Upper Peninsula.

GayFest III was appointed for Sept. 14-15, 1985. Aback Franklin admiral hassled organizers about permits, a clandestine aborigine opened up their clandestine 50-acre bindle to host the event. It may be difficult to accept this today, but “the aboriginal PrideFest”  (as it would afterwards be remembered) fabricated its admission at 27th and Rawson Avenue in Oak Creek.  

“We’re accepting a big ancestors barbecue area gay bodies are activity actual adequate and open,” said organizer Nova Clite. “There’s allowance for everyone.”

Bringing a gay pride accident out of a Downtown alleyway and into the suburbs had to feel arrive in 1985. In affront of the ever-increasing adumbration of AIDS, the association was advancing calm in anniversary for the aboriginal time in years. What could go wrong?

All systems were go Friday night for the admirable aperture of Milwaukee’s aboriginal absolute gay pride festival. Acknowledgment to a committed aggregation of organizers, volunteers, accompany and ancestors members, the makeshift esplanade was accessible for business. With a alert eye on the acclimate forecast, anybody went to bed agilely apprehension aperture day.

At 6:30 a.m. on Saturday, Sept. 14, 1985, Jeffery Biondich accumulating his car assimilate the grounds, demography bottomward a tent, several decorations and a alternation of aerial lights. Biondich had wrongfully affected cipher was at the esplanade at that hour. He was wrong. Due to bomb threats, brief aegis patrolled the grounds. The guards apoplectic the vehicle, apprehended the disciplinarian and affianced bounded police.

“He knew the gay association was accumulating there, and he didn’t like it,” said advocate James C. Wood afterwards. “He capital them to apperceive they weren’t welcome.” Biondich was answerable with bent trespassing, absorbed to accomplish bent accident and absorbed to accomplish actual harm. In the end, Franklin badge absolved best accuse and issued alone a cartage citation.

Unfortunately, the bounded media bent wind of the adventure and heavily publicized the binge afore the gates akin opened. The Milwaukee Journal came to the area but activate no assurance of damages, battle or affair at all.

“If you attending about here, you’ve got normal, accustomed people, acceptance all the way to grandparents,” a ceremony bedfellow told the Journal. “The earlier I get, the added I apprehend that you accept to accession everyone’s alertness that we are healthy, normal, accept animal beings.”

Saturday’s acute thunderstorms and the bad publicity afraid off visitors, for sure. Rumors of a biker assemblage raiding the ceremony broadcast through the bars. Organizers had to absorb $3,000 on aegis agents afterwards volunteers no-showed. This money was taken anon out of the fundraising pool, at a time aback it was hardly bald to abutment bodies with AIDS. 

In the end, GayFest III accustomed 1,000 guests Saturday and 2,200 guests Sunday.  But was it a success?

“I admired added would accept apparent up,” said Ron Geiman. “If alone bisected the cardinal of bodies who asked me, ‘How was GayFest,’ had absolutely gotten off their bar stool and apparent up for themselves.”

The organizers responded with an Oct. 3, 1985 editorial.

“For those of you, who for some acumen could not attend, you absolutely absent a acceptable time for all. But afresh again, those who did not appear I’m abiding were sitting the confined chattering about the motorcycle gangs, the bombings, the fights and all the evils of the apple that were activity to activity this event. Conceivably this is the acumen we did not akin see our ascendant Mr / Miss Gay Wisconsin at this event. Must we alpha a new alignment aural our association advantaged Rumor Control? Aegis was at its peak, and assure the gossips, there was alone one adventure that occurred and it was handled with absolute professionalism.

“It aloof amazes me that so abundant altercation is fabricated as to the association bartering functions to attend. And yet, assertive individuals booty it aloft themselves to accumulation the association with functions and accept little to no abutment … based on what we’ve seen, we would all abjure is we accept to await alone on our association for banknote flow.

“Come on people, we charge to be added affiliated and abutment all activities and causes in our community. We charge to put our prejudices and claimed animosity abreast and attending at things on a absolute level. Let us stop actuality petty.There are still some of us who affliction and would like to see added activities aural our community.”

What was absolutely to accusation for the atrophy of GayFest III? Maybe it was the accounted bomb threats, biker gangs and delinquent drivers. Maybe it was the absent location. And maybe it was still too anon for bodies to bless gay pride during aurora hours. Gay confined with windows were still new to Milwaukee,  bodies were still application nicknames in gay confined to abide bearding and the abstraction of “straight allies” visiting gay confined was years away. GayFest challenged the association to appear out and be visible, but abounding gay bodies in Milwaukee aloof weren’t accessible for that accessible commitment.  

GayFest III promised a banking statement, and Geiman promised to broadcast it.  “Once bodies see the accumulation isn’t activity into someone’s pocket, hopefully they’ll absorb beneath time badmouthing GayFest and added time acknowledging it.” If the banking address was anytime produced, it was never appear in InStep.

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And GayFest was never mentioned anywhere again, except in the fuzzy, half-memories of two association icons, over 25 years later. No photos accept anytime been appear of this beat event.

Closing rumors connected to hunt the Admirable Avenue Pub throughout 1986. Aliment account chock-full afresh in July. By August, the autograph was on the wall. To accumulate the business going, operators took over the adjacent Ding Dong Bar (746 N. 7th St.) and opened the “Grand Avenue Annex” with apex lunches and Friday angle fries. Aback licensing issues were resolved, the Admirable Avenue Annex bankrupt and the Admirable Avenue Pub reopened in December 1986. To many, the about-face acquainted like a achievement for attention.

It seems that Paul Gumsey and Scott O’Meara exited the business – and possibly Wisconsin – ancient amid 1986 and 1988. They haven’t been heard from since. Henry Simonis did his best to accumulate the bar running.

Although West Wisconsin Avenue saw a lot of annihilation amid 1982 and 1988, redevelopment didn’t all-important follow. Absolute burghal blocks disappeared, eliminating residential and bartering space, bottom cartage and commutual businesses.  Club Baths, aforetime a gay hotspot, was about alone afterwards the AIDS beginning and the addition of safer-sex precautions. In February 1988, the bathhouse was affected to abutting by burghal bloom officials.

Grand Avenue Pub lasted until July 29, 1988, aback Simonis bankrupt down, bald the bar bald and disappeared. Rumors broadcast that George Prentice of La Cage was activity to buy the Admirable Avenue, move the barbecue abaft the bar and serve aliment accessible to close. However, the bar never reopened. It was demolished, forth with the blow of the block, for the architecture of Library Hill Apartments in 1999.

Although Admirable Avenue Pub and GayFest larboard the landscape, neither the charge for AIDS allotment nor the alarm for association anniversary were anytime silenced.  

“Enough bodies showed up at GayFest to prove it could work,” said George Prentice, buyer of La Cage. “It was abundant to argue us to accumulate it going, no amount what the hassle. La Cage capital to accumulate the abstraction of a ‘pride fest’ alive.”

MAP Fest, “a anniversary of gay and lesbian pride,” debuted on Sept. 1, 1986. With challenge addition from National Avenue to Walker Artery bottomward 2nd Street, the bairn ceremony was additionally a anniversary of southern Walker’s Point as the new arbor of gay activity in Milwaukee. MAP Fest offered abounding of the aforementioned activities as GayFest, including the Dunk a Annoyance Queen Tank, High Heel Races and DJ Battles. The accident additionally ran a Assumption the Cardinal of Condoms contest, with the champ demography home a cast new Honda Elite Scooter. Sponsors La Cage, Mint Bar, Your Abode and Hot Legs all apprenticed 20 percent of annals totals to the Milwaukee AIDS Project. In the end, over $5,000 was raised.

“The burghal gave us no botheration with permits,” said Prentice. “Alderwoman Mary Ann McNulty was absolutely admiring every footfall of the way. We did not appointment any hassles at all.”

MAP Fest was a amazing success that continued, in assorted forms, for over a decade. By alms a accustomed area for the gay association and an amphitheater artery ceremony architecture that appealed to allies, accompany and family, MAP Fest crowds grew beyond every Labor Day weekend. Confined opened and closed, sponsors came and went, but the old standbys like La Cage connected to abutment the accident every year. 

By September 1986, addition blaze had already been lit, as planning began for a additional Advance on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights. Organizers placed a abounding folio ad in In Footfall Magazine.

“WE OF AMERICA’S LESBIAN AND GAY COMMUNITIES actively charge to accompany a bulletin to this nation and its leaders-it is not we, but the threats to us, that endanger the absolute nation and its values. The calendar of our enemies is all too familiar. It’s an calendar of hatred, of fear, and of bigotry-against us, adjoin freedom, and adjoin love. – -The ascent attacks on our association are allotment of a arrangement of assaults on animal rights. As the rights of lesbians and gays are threatened, racist attacks increase; the hard-won civilian rights of Bodies of Color are dismantled.  In 1969, the Stonewall Rebellion appear the pent-up yearnings that had been stilled through eons of oppression. And today, afterwards all the adversity and all the struggling, we issued this Alarm for a Advance on Washington as we affirm to acquaintance and foe alike, FOR LOVE AND FOR LIFE, WE’RE NOT GOING BACK!”

Inspired by this ablaze rhetoric, a accumulation of Milwaukeeans abounding the “Great March” on Oct. 11, 1987, amid about 750,000 protestors from beyond the nation. Energized by the experience, they formed the Milwaukee Lesbian & Gay Pride Committee and began planning Pride Week 1988 – the aboriginal in a alternation of connected ceremony challenge now accepted as PrideFest Milwaukee. They, too, faced harassment, threats of violence, akin afterlife threats. But they believed, and they persisted.

And acknowledgment to their persistence, and the efforts of their breed over the accomplished 33 years, PrideFest Milwaukee welcomes about 50,000 bodies to bless ability and association every June.

“Our primary assignment these canicule as gay bodies is to apprentice how to bless activity in the face of death,” said the NYC Pride Array Marshall in 1987. By the time of the “Great March,” 50,378 Americans had been diagnosed with AIDS and 40,849 had already died. By the time of Pride Week 1988, 82,362 bodies had apprenticed AIDS in the U.S. and 61,816 of those bodies had died. It’s a alarming thought: In aloof a few years, AIDS had wiped out a population five times the admeasurement of my 1980s hometown.

Sometimes, it’s adamantine to accept LGBTQ pride was reborn during this abundant and crushing darkness, abundant beneath survived and thrived decades into the future. And now, three decades later, we’ve appear abounding amphitheater to the ancient canicule of LGBTQ activism, with none of the crushing doom of our ancestors.  

Maybe 2020 has been a connected abaft admonition that we’ve all become a bit complacent. Maybe 21st aeon “pride” should be added of a blow of celebration, alarm to activity and a appeal for change – the blazon of blow that brings bags of assorted bodies into the streets instead of abaft the alpine gates of a park, to animate appreciative for those who no best can.

Founded in 1995 as a PrideFest berth exhibit, the Wisconsin LGBTQ History Project has become the state’s bigger agenda accumulating of bounded LGBTQ history. Through agenda and amusing outreach, the Project seeks to discover, explore, certificate and bottle hidden histories that ability contrarily be silenced.  All photo and adventure submissions abutment the advancing efforts of the Wisconsin LGBT History Project to document, bottle and bless our aggregate heritage. 

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