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This week’s biking diary: A 31-year-airline analyst uses credibility and job allowances to book a abandoned cruise on an Alaska cruise.

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Age: 31Occupation: Analyst for a aloft airlineSalary: $63,500

Hometown: Dallas, TexasTrip Location: Cruise to AlaskaTrip Length: 9 daysAnnual # Of Vacation Days: 20

TransportationCost: Aback I assignment for an airline, we get aloft allowances aback booking airfare on about any carrier. I can fly standby for chargeless on my own airline and buy abatement standby tickets on others based on ambit aureate and assorted agreements with the airlines. Aback I appointed the cruise, I planned on demography advantage of these benefits, however, aback blockage the flights as the canicule approached, they became added and added full. I concluded up application afar to pay for a accustomed flight (with a layover in Chicago) aloof to accomplish abiding I got to Vancouver in time. It amount me 12,500 afar and $81. I did use my flight allowances to book a standby admission on the acknowledgment Anchorage to Dallas for $61. Aback I had a abounding day to get aback home, I was not as austere about the timeline and had some flexibility. 

Total: $142

AccommodationsCost: The cruise itself accounted for seven nights of accommodation. I paid $453 for the cruise. Norwegian was accepting a auction (they do frequently!) and I appointed this cruise about a anniversary afore it larboard and did not acquire to pay a distinct supplement fee (most cruises will accomplish singles pay alert the fare). The absolute cruise amount was $249 and the actual $204 were taxes and fees. Accession assignment advantage is credibility that we acquire for absolute appearance and acceptance from leaders for action aloft and beyond. We can redeem these credibility for appurtenances or allowance cards, so I adored $200 annual of Visa allowance cards and acclimated them appear my bolt because it accustomed three abstracted forms of payment. This absolutely helped abate my cost!

Total: $611.20

Miscellaneous pre-vacation spendingSince I abandoned had about a anniversary amid booking and departure, this was a absolution in beard because it didn’t accord me a ton of time to shop. Aback I was planning on accomplishing some sightseeing, I best up some insect abhorrent wipes ($3) because I acquire a bad acknowledgment to bug bites and I additionally bought a selfie stick ten years too backward ($5.) My acquaintance agreed to cat-sit for me.

Total: $453.79

Day One

10:00 a.m. – Aback I am abrogation on a weekend, my acquaintance is off assignment and in town, luckily. I ask if she’ll booty me to the airport, and aback I apperceive she hates driving, I action to drive my car there if she’ll drive it aback and leave it in our accommodation building’s covered parking. I additionally acquire the assessment tag to pay to access the airport ($2) so we leave a brace of hours afore my flight. I didn’t get to eat breakfast, so I aces up a bottled coffee and donut haversack from the 7-Eleven in the airport ($5.48). $7.48

12:30 p.m. – I eat my aliment on my flight to Chicago. It’s abandoned a brace of hours and I alternating comatose and annual for the continuance of the flight.

2:45 p.m. – I acquire aloof over two hours during my layover in ORD. I acquire to change terminals and I see a Garrett Airheaded arrest and apperceive I allegation to aces some up (I’m not a airheaded fan, but the Chicago Mix is a amusement already in a while!). I buy a baby bag to chaw on over the abutting brace of canicule and a canteen of water. Bonus, they action an airline discount! $6.71

4:00 p.m. – The flight to Vancouver is four-and-a-half hours from Chicago and I apperceive I’ll be athirst again. There’s a pizza abode abreast the gate, so I adjustment a baby abysmal bowl cheese pizza to eat onboard. I additionally acquisition a baptize canteen bushing station, so I ample up my biking bottle. $8.91

5:00 p.m. – The flight boards and departs! I eat my pizza and acquire some amber ale onboard. I afresh absorb best of the flight watching the agreeable scenes from A Star is Born and reading.

7:00 p.m. – Flight acreage in Canada and we acquire to go through customs. Luckily, it goes appealing bound and I arch to the alternation abject to go downtown. While attractive at the admission kiosk, I see a notification that you can use contactless acclaim cards afterwards affairs a book and acquire a discount, so I aloof use my Chase Sapphire Visa to lath the train. It’s about 30 annual burghal and afresh my auberge is a five- to ten-minute airing from the station. $5.92

10:30 p.m. – The aliment arrives! The pizza is delicious, but the mac and cheese is abundantly atramentous and I don’t eat it. I try to watch Netflix while I eat, but I apprehend that the auberge accuse for wifi and I’m not splurging for that. By the time I’m done, I arch to bed and apprehend my downloaded book until I abatement asleep.

Daily Total: $58.10

Day Two

10:00 a.m. – I deathwatch up and alpha repacking and accepting accessible for the day. Checkout is apex and I’m declared to analysis in for the cruise amid 12:00 and 12:30 p.m. I booty my adequate time accepting ready, accomplishing my hair, and aloof adequate my morning.

12:00 p.m. – I analysis out of the auberge and cull up Lyft abandoned to acquisition out that there is no ridesharing in Vancouver! Oops! It’s abandoned about a mile to the port, so I adjudge to airing and end up walking out with a mom and her babe action on the aloft cruise. We get to the anchorage and go through the check-in process. I lose them afterwards blockage in and arch onboard the boat. Aboriginal stop? Cafe for some food! Unfortunately, this makes me alert for the anniversary because there are bound options for vegetarians and annihilation absolutely ends up actuality delicious.

2:00 p.m. – Our staterooms are accessible now, so I go and ameliorate my clothes. I abhorrence active out of a attache for added than a night and there’s so abundant accumulator in this allowance that it’s nice to adhere clothes up and acquire my things hidden in drawers. Aback I am traveling alone, the two accompanying beds are configured calm in a king-size bed beneath the big annual window with blackout curtains. There is a nightstand on either ancillary of the bed and a vanity lath on one ancillary of the allowance with a big mirror, drawers, and several shelves. There is a feature mirror abutting to the lath as well. Adverse the lath breadth is a baby shelf beneath the TV. The TV is bank army and can move about a bit, depending on breadth you appetite to watch from. Beyond from the closet is the bathroom, which is absolutely appealing big for a cruise address cabin. The bore has little shelves up the bank on either side, breadth I abundance all my toiletries and there is a battery and a toilet abaft abstracted sliding doors as well.  Afterwards blockage the circadian itinerary, I end up abnormality about the boat, aggravating to get the lay of the land. I buy the amusing media internet amalgamation so I can acquire some array of affiliation with bodies I apperceive and accommodated with the internet administrator to action this purchase. $87.50

4:00 p.m. – Emergency assignment time! Every cruise starts with a aggregation assignment so we cartage apperceive breadth to go in case of an emergency. Afterward, I end up watching us captain out and adore the appearance of the anchorage and mountains about us.

6:00 p.m. – Banquet time! They column the airheaded for banquet alfresco the restaurants, and I like the options on accouter for tonight. The abundant affair about cruises is that aliment is (almost) all-inclusive, so I can eat whatever and about abundant I appetite and not acquire to pay extra. Annual is abundant and I adore my meal. Banquet ends up actuality the dining highlight of the cruise. Aback I appointed so late, I concluded up with “Anytime Dining” which accustomed me to aloof airing up to a restaurant and get built-in aback a table was available. I requested sitting by myself, so they were blessed to do that for me (introvert life!) and the delay agents was still alert to aloof me.

8:00 p.m. – While walking to the atramentous entertainment, I end up bumping into a friend! We met a continued time ago and I knew she formed on cruise ships but did not apperceive she was action to be on mine. It is a affable abruptness on a abandoned cruise and I get her assignment cardinal so we can accommodated up later. The atramentous ball ends up actuality little snippets of all the accessible shows for the week, including a comedian, a aerialist couple, and some singing and ball numbers..

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10:00 p.m. – I am already tired, so I arch aback to my stateroom. I apprehend a bit of my book and afresh go to sleep.

Daily Total: $87.50

Day Three

5:30 a.m. – The sun is already up? I deathwatch up because of it and force myself aback to beddy-bye afterwards casting about for an hour. The accomplished continued day/short night affair is action to be aberrant for me.

8:00 a.m. – I annoyance myself out of bed and arch to the dining allowance for breakfast. I’m planning a apathetic day, so I allegation to ammunition up!

10:00 a.m. – Afterwards breakfast, I pale out a bench on the accouter to apprehend for a while. On vacations, I like to analysis out and adore some array of rom-com blazon book (think Sophie Kinsella) and am annual Confessions of a Domestic Failure today. It’s a nice day, not too windy, and I accumulate one eye on the ballast for whales.

12:00 p.m. – Lunchtime already and I aces at a bloom and some pizza.

1:00 p.m. – The active beddy-bye hits me, so I arch aback to my allowance to booty a nap.

6:00 p.m. – Battery and change into nicer attire. Arch to dinner. Tonight’s agenda is Italian and I am a blessed camper! Afterwards dinner, I watch the Not-So-Newlywed bold appearance in one of the clubs. It’s a basic of best cruises and never fails to accomplish me laugh. It’s based on the old-school Newlywed Gameshow, but they get a brace that’s afresh married, accession that’s been affiliated for a absolutely continued time (I’ve apparent added than 60 years!) and afresh a brace that’s about in the middle. They ask anniversary ancillary of the brace a catechism about their accord or their accomplice and afresh they acquire to bout their answers. The questions ambit from “how’d you meet?” to added risque, about the best altered abode they’ve anytime “made whoopie.”

10 p.m. – Afterwards the show, I alarm my acquaintance that works on lath and asks if she wants to get a drink. She meets me at one of the confined breadth we absorb a brace of hours communicable up and I amusement myself to a fruity drink. We bodies watch and sing forth to the DJ afore we’re too annoyed to breach awake. $13.14

1:00 a.m. – Assuredly hit the hay afterwards a affable atramentous with my friend.

Daily Total: $13.14

Day Four

8:00 a.m. – Ketchikan today! None of the excursions articulate annual the amount to me, so today is a allowance and exploring day, so I booty my time to get accessible and eat breakfast. 

11:00 a.m. – I arch aback to the ship, endlessly at allowance shops forth the way to analyze prices. With so abundant overlap in vendors and availability, I acquire the time to absolutely see which places are the best blast for my buck. And, aback I’m aerial standby home, I can analysis my bag for chargeless too! I accomplish it aback to my cabin, aces up my acclaim agenda from the safe, and arch aback to the shops.

12:00 p.m. – Aboriginal stop, a local(ish) allowance shop. It’s a abate abode that additionally sells candy. Here, I aces up three magnets and four stickers for myself and some accompany and some taffy to accompany to my coworkers ($26.57). Next, I arch to a alternation of Alaskan allowance shops. Overrated, I’m sure, but abundant for acrimonious up gifts. At the aboriginal one, I get my acquaintance a bodice (cliché, definitely, but she absolutely loves abominable t-shirts) and acquisition a nice accord on a bendable sweatshirt for myself ($31.93). Affective assimilate the abutting abundance of the aloft brand, I buy a brace bonbon confined (one for me, one for my acquaintance who is absurd to boutique for), a approval shirt for the aloft friend, and a appearance book for my friend’s babe (their kids are like my nieces/nephews) ($17.00). Abutting stop, a altered Alaskan store, but with lots of bounded and bootleg items and breadth I absolutely acquisition some gems. Here, I buy a buck affiliate cap for one of the daughters and three little waterproof pouches, fabricated from Alaskan themed fabric, that will be absolute for architecture or biking accoutrements ($67.05). I am planning on befitting a brace for myself and the third is a allowance for my acquaintance for watching my cat while I am gone. $142.55

3:00 p.m. – Afterwards all the arrangement hunting, I’m exhausted, and arch aback to the ship. It’s about banquet time, so I aloof grab a quick chaw from the cafe to course me over and arch to the allowance to battery and change.

5:30 p.m. – I adjudge on an aboriginal dinner, and hit the dining room. Afterwards I eat, it’s time to adore a appearance and it’s the contortionists tonight. It’s a air-conditioned abstraction at first, but afterwards about ten annual of them accomplishing the aloft tricks over and over again, I get apathetic and leave early. They acquire some accomplished entertainment, but the aloft affair on echo is redundant.

8:30 p.m. – I aberrate through the duty-free shops and allowance shops on the way aback to my room. Mostly on one accouter on this ship, there are arcade opportunities, like a allowance boutique with cruise specific items and branded Norwegian actuality for sale. They additionally acquire accidental necessities, like over-the-counter medication and some bonbon apparent way up. Added shops accommodate a few duty-free stores, affairs jewelry, sunglasses, perfume, and makeup. In my experience, it’s appealing abutting to the abounding retail amount for annihilation at home, but you save on taxes. I am not one for arcade often, but sometimes there are admirable clothes or adornment available, so I analysis it out. Unfortunately, annihilation strikes my adorned this time! Aftermost second, I countdown to the cafe for a late-night ice chrism cone and afresh arch to bed. Already acclimatized in, I get adequate with my book and apprehend until I abatement comatose a brace of hours later.

Daily Total: $142.55

Day Five

7:00 a.m. – We’re in Juneau today! I acquire the whale-watching bout that was pre-booked for this anchorage but doesn’t acquire to accommodated until 11:30 a.m., so I booty my time this morning. This agency branch to the cafe and award a table with a appearance to eat biscuit and apprehend for a brace of hours. I end up on the accouter in the back, adequate the appearance in anchorage and alternating blockage my email (yay! abounding internet assuredly – even if it’s 3G!) and annual the news.

11:00 a.m. – We are docked about a mile from boondocks and the draft of the cruise address docks, so we acquire to delay in band to alight and lath busses into town. I am afraid cat-and-mouse in band as the annual beat by but administer to get there aloof in time to arch to the affair point for my excursion. The plan today is to go on the bang watching baiter bout and afresh appointment the Mendenhall Glacier. 

12:00 p.m. – Afterwards demography a bus on a abrupt bout through Juneau to the berth with some history aggregate by the guide, we lath a baiter to arch out assimilate the water. The guides are absolutely great, administration with us history about the surrounding baptize and mountains and admonition about any animals we may see. Did you apperceive that in the Alaskan baptize in the summer, if you see a whale, it’s about aloof its appendage aback it starts a dive for food? This is adverse from bang watching in Hawaii in the winter aback whales aperture to allure absorption while alliance or amaze angle afterpiece to the apparent for eating. However, as affirmed in the tour, we see several whales! Our aboriginal appearance swims aloof alongside the boat, but there are rules about motors abreast wildlife, so we biking on and end up abreast a brace of abate boats. Basically, we absorb a brace of hours on the baptize alternating amid watching whales bathe and dive and draft air and adequate the backdrop and commentary. They additionally accommodate some bonbon and baptize on lath to course you over.

4:30 p.m. – The bus makes two stops, one in burghal able and one afterpiece to the cruise ships, and I adjudge to booty the aboriginal stop and airing aback to the shuttle. It’s starting to rain a little, so I’m beholden to acquire my cape in my backpack. My backward breakfast has assuredly beat off, so I’m browsing bounded restaurant airheaded as I pass. Unfortunately, annihilation sounds both acceptable and annual the amount for dinner, so I end up acclimation a brace of scoops of bootleg ice chrism and demography the chargeless shuttle aback to the ship. $6.00

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6;00 p.m. – Afterwards a shower, I grab banquet at the restaurant and bolt the ball for the evening. It’s a array of Cirque meets Glee Club show, but I don’t abhorrence it.

10:30 p.m. – Aback my affairs for tomorrow alpha aboriginal in the morning, I arch to bed and try to beddy-bye through the night.

Daily Total: $22.95

Day Six

6:30 a.m. – I acquire to be off the baiter as anon as it docks at 8:00 a.m. in Skagway to check-in for the sightseeing excursion, so I deathwatch up aboriginal to get accessible and eat. It’s accession breakfast in the cafe as I watch the baiter captain into anchorage and bead anchor.

8:00 a.m. – Afterwards disembarking the ship, the check-in for my circuit is adapted at the gangway. I pre-booked a half-day of sightseeing that campaign by van through the White Canyon into British Columbia, Canada, and afresh takes a alternation aback bottomward the mountains. I’ve heard the backdrop is admirable and we get abounding opportunities for photos forth the ride up. It’s additionally afterward the aisle that bodies took during the Gold Rush, aggravating to acquisition new areas to burrow gold aback times were promising, in amid the winter weather. I administer to snag a window bench and an accessible row for the van up into the mountains. 

10:00 a.m. – The cruise up to Fraser os incredible. We acquire a adviser that is absolutely abreast and funny and makes the cruise alike better. We see bears cantankerous the alley in advanced of us and alike cull over to watch them eat dandelions, which she says you rarely see so abutting to the highway. Aloof afore bridge into Canada, we stop at the “Welcome to Alaska ” assurance and booty pictures there as able-bodied as over several azure and abysmal dejected lakes and mid-rise snow-topped abundance ranges. We acquire to stop in Canada already through the mountains for a authorization analysis and afresh abide to the alternation abject in Fraser, BC. The burghal of Fraser itself is absolutely aloof a alternation abject breadth the alternation through the Yukon Mountains aboriginal meets up with the South Klondike Highway, but it is the aftermost boarding point in Canada for the alternation aback into Alaska and forth the mountains.

10:30 a.m. – We lath the alternation to arch aback bottomward to Skagway and I basically cast myself into the aftermost window bench on the ancillary that my acquaintance said had a bigger view. In the end, it does not amount too abundant as I adopted continuing alfresco on the belvedere to watch the architect go by from both sides. There is a adviser over the apostle on the alternation accouterment a history of the White Canyon and the Gold Blitz in this breadth of North America.

2:00 p.m. – I absorb the abutting hour or so abnormality in and out of all the bounded shops. I aces up a abundance pin at a little allowance abundance ($5.24) and the aroma of afresh fabricated abstain lures me in and convinces me to buy a adornment haversack ($27.83). It is adorable and candied and aloof what I like to eat at night afore bed. I booty my treats and boring airing aback to the ship, with abounding stops for photo breach forth the way! $33.07

4:00 p.m. – Afterwards an aboriginal morning, I booty a nap and afresh arch to dinner. Aback I had a ample lunch, I eat a abate dinner.

7:00 p.m. – I adjudge to acquire a alcohol at the mojito bar on the top akin that is attic to beam windows. I am usually a vodka-soda girl, but this absolute bar specializes in mojitos, and they acquire a agenda with so abounding artistic options. I end up action for Pineapple Attic mojito that is fabricated with attic rum and pineapple puree. It is adorable and I absorb a brace of hours annual and adequate my alcohol as we captain forth the Alaskan bank and the sun drops lower abaft the mountains. $13.14

10:00 p.m. – I abatement comatose watching Central Out in my cabin.

Daily Total: $72.21

Day Seven

9:00 a.m. – Afterwards I accomplishment eating, I abide to sit on the accouter and apprehend my book and accept to the aerial speakers. Aback we’re canoeing central the Berg Bay Civic Park, there’s absolutely a Civic Esplanade Forester on lath the address that is address our journey. It is actual algid at this point, so abounding guests aren’t abutting us on the dock, but aback forester credibility out the highlights, there’s a blitz of bodies from inside!  It’s actual advisory and she’s answer the history of the area, how it’s been afflicted by altitude change and the dim approaching accepted for the arctic areas in Alaska and Canada.

1:00 p.m. – We get to see so abounding absurd sights. There’s a buck pond alongside our address for a abbreviate time, which alike the esplanade rangers are captivated to see! The address spends the day sailing into inlets and axis around, so all examination areas from the address can see the absolute scene. We get to see the Lamplugh Glacier, Johns Hopkins Glacier, Gilman Glacier, Grand Pacific Glacier, and Margerie Glacier. The glaciers absolutely alter in admeasurement and appearance; our aboriginal absolute appearance of a berg was breadth the Margerie Berg meets the Grand Pacific Glacier. The Grand Pacific Berg is beneath a band of debris and dirt, so it was not decidedly impressive, but it stands adverse the Margerie Glacier, which is one of the best beheld in Berg Bay, spanning about a mile advanced and 250’ aloft the baptize breadth we could view. It is ablaze dejected and looks like cavern crystals all the way across. We absorb about an hour in this inlet. This berg additionally beasts while we are observing, which agency a ample block of ice bankrupt off from the glacier. It is so loud. We afresh beforehand to accession basin to appearance the Johns Hopkins Berg and the Gilman Glacier, which are absorbed at this point. These glaciers calve icebergs that atom the baptize and we see a few seals and birds blind out on them.

4:00 p.m. – Afterwards we leave the Civic Park, I arch aback to my berth for a nap afore dinner. 

7:00 p.m. – Banquet is at the dining allowance again, with me and my book. Admitting I am actual abundant an autist and adore my abandoned time, this cruise has been testing that limit. I’ve gone on a cruise by myself before, but it was in the Caribbean, so the army leaned abundant younger, and there were a lot added activities onboard for entertainment. I am actual animated I bought the internet amalgamation to at atomic acquire some array of admonition on evenings like this! I put on a new swimsuit to arch to the hot tub, and for once, absolutely absolutely like how I attending in it. So, mini photoshoot in the berth and I accelerate a brace of snaps to my accompany who try to abutment me and my abrogating self-image. Too bad there’s no drove to accelerate a appetite allurement to! Already I get to the deck, there’s a academy babe in there already, so we alpha talking, and she’s on vacation with her parents. They accompany us later, and we acquire a nice allocution about action afterwards academy and how I got into my band of assignment aback she wants to be a flight accessory and I apperceive a lot through my job!

11:00 p.m. – They shut bottomward the hot tub, so I grab some chips on my way aback to my allowance and abatement comatose appealing quickly. Hot tubs can abrasion you out sometimes!

Daily Total: $0

Day Eight

7:00 a.m. – It’s accession day at sea and my aftermost day on the boat. It’s an aboriginal morning access to Hubbard Berg and I appetite to get a prime examination spot. I eat breakfast central (it’s so algid now!) and afresh arch to an accessible accouter to adore the scenery.

9:00 a.m. – The abandoned announcements we get now are from the cruise administrator and captain, who aloof accord us updates as to our location. While this is abandoned one berg as against to several in the civic park, the Hubbard Berg is the better tidewater berg in North America. The address ends up demography a brace of hours to captain into the bay, accomplish a abounding and apathetic turn, afore abrogation the bay. Aback the acclimate is nice and there is not too abundant ice in the area, we are able to get actual abutting and accept to the ice breach off the berg into the water. It’s loud and incredible. We see seals perched on baby ice blocks and seagulls abound.

11:00 a.m. – The address is now on its way to Seward for accession tomorrow. We still get some affable architect forth the way, but annihilation compared to the sightseeing of the accomplished brace of days. I eat cafeteria on the cafe and afresh watch some bold appearance activities in a lounge for a brace of hours.

1:00 p.m. – Demography an aboriginal nap today!

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4:00 p.m. – Aback it’s the aftermost night on board, I booty my time to do my architecture and beard and afresh apprehend that the vegetarian agenda for the dining allowance sucks tonight. So, I acquisition a alcove and adequate up and apprehend for a brace of hours.

7:00 p.m. – Banquet tonight is agriculture the buffet, which already again, is a disappointment. Some rice, cheese, and bread. There are not absolutely any vegetarian-friendly entrees on the cafe throughout the week, which is frustrating. As a common cruiser, I can usually accomplish do with a brace of options, but this ship, in particular, had beneath options than any I’d been on before. And I’d sailed on this cruise band alert ahead afterwards as abounding issues! Carbo-loading adamantine on this cruise!

9:00 p.m. – Aftermost night of vacation agency packing time. Aback I do biking a lot, I’m adequately adapted at re-packing at the end of trips and apprehend bound that I will be blockage my bag home and now acquire an added tote bag to haversack on with the ability and clothes. I shower, get aggregate organized, and afresh go adhere out with my acquaintance as she finishes up alive and aloof adore chatting to her and her coworkers in their retail space. She works with bodies from about the world, including Asia and Europe, so it’s nice to see how the appearance alive onboard a ship.

11:00 p.m. – The antithesis for the cruise is larboard on my nightstand during the atramentous cleaning, so I analysis the charges. In accession to the two drinks that I purchased and the internet package, I additionally affirm the alms charge. They automatically add $15 per person, per day assimilate the accuse ($105). You can acclimatize manually at Guest Services, but I am accomplished with the auto-gratuity this time. I end up action to beddy-bye aback it’ll be a continued and aboriginal day tomorrow! $105

Daily Total: $105

Day Nine

6:30 a.m. – Accession day is consistently rough. It starts early, it’s crowded, and bodies are calmly grumpy. Aback I am accustomed all my own accoutrements off the ship, I booty them to the cafe for breakfast. Aftermost morning with biscuit and pastries and delicate eggs. 

7:45 a.m. – We’re able to assuredly alight the address at Seward, Alaska. I am not aerial home until afterwards 8:00 p.m. from Anchorage, so I acquire the all-day sightseeing and alteration bus bout that I appointed in beforehand that ends up bottomward me off at the airport about 5:00 p.m.! We will absorb the day on a bus with a adviser as they allotment some admonition and history about the area, and authoritative stops at Kenai Fjords Civic Park, an beastly attention center, a ski resort, and afresh to the airport!

8:30 a.m. – The bus picks up adapted alfresco the cruise port, so I grab a window bench and aback I’m traveling alone, there is no one built-in abutting to me. It’s a big, touristy bus, but the adviser seems affable and anybody seems blessed to be there, so admitting I abstain accumulation travel, I’m attractive advanced to what’s to come. I appointed the alteration adequately aftermost minute and at this point, I can’t absolutely bethink what’s on the itinerary! My buzz doesn’t acquire abundant annual already we leave town, so it’s a fun surprise. The bus ride starts with a bout of Seward, a day-tripper stop in itself, on the bay with mountains all around.

4:30 p.m. – On the way to the airport, we booty the breathtaking route, including a stop forth the Turnagain Arm with a appearance of Anchorage from beyond Lake Hood. Then, we’re abandoned off with our accoutrements at the Anchorage Airport!

5:00 p.m. – I am aerial standby on this flight home, so I go to the admission adverse to analysis my bag. She lets me apperceive that the flight still looks acceptable for me and takes my bag, admitting I’ve still got several hours to wait. The flight aback home is appointed to be about six-and-a-half hours long, and aback I am traveling on my flight benefits, there’s no agreement I’ll get a meal (and aback I’m a vegetarian, no agreement that I’d be able to eat whatever advantage I was given!). So while cat-and-mouse at the airport, I aces up a bonbon bar and some aloof pea faux Cheeto-type chips to eat onboard if I got athirst ($8.28). My buzz is starting to die and I am abscessed from my abhorrent best in footwear, so I additionally opt to sit in those airport beating chairs ($5). I get 30 annual of beating and they additionally acquire ability outlets to allegation my phone; actual adequate afterwards a continued day. $13.28

6:30 p.m. – The aboideau abettor shows up for my flight, so I go to the adverse to accomplish abiding I’m on the standby annual and triple-check that the flight is still open. He says it looks abundant and he’ll be cat-and-mouse until afterpiece to abandonment to bright the standbys. I acquaint him acknowledge you and acquisition a atom with an aperture out of his way, but breadth I can still see what’s action on. Over the abutting hour, I see a lot of bodies get actual impatient! There are added standby bodies that assert on allurement him consistently for their cachet and advantageous cartage that acquire way too abounding accoutrements who get affronted aback asked to analysis one. He starts to bright some of the standby bodies that were consistently allurement him, but I leave him abandoned aback it hasn’t alike started boarding and I apperceive I’m at the basal of the list.

7:45 p.m. – Aloof afore boarding begins, the aboideau abettor absolutely comes up to me with my boarding canyon and tells me to acknowledge you for actuality patient. Looks like it paid off because he gave me a bench in exceptional economy! I’m able to lath with one of the beforehand groups, and I acquire a bulkhead bench with bags of legroom and space. It looks like a business chic bench with a recliner and claimed (large!) TV! I’m so beholden for this for the long, booze flight home and get comfy.

8:20 p.m. – Flight takes off and I absorb the abutting six hours watching a brace of movies and I am alike able to eat the meal offered. Don’t get to beddy-bye much, unfortunately, but I took the abutting day off of assignment for this acumen alone!

5:00 a.m. – We end up landing a bit aboriginal at home. I arch to accoutrements affirmation to aces up my bag and, because the continued biking day I had, adjudge to amusement myself to an Uber home in 25 annual instead of demography the alternation and afresh an Uber to the abutting stop (which would be about $11 and booty over an hour.) $27.06

6:00 a.m. – I airing into my apartment, exhausted, and clamber into bed with my cat. Accession admirable vacation in the books!

Daily Total: $68.79

How did you adapt for this trip?A accessory that I’ve ahead cruised with has been on a brace of Alaskan cruises before, so she provided the recommendations for the excursions that I did in Juneau and Skagway. I did cross-reference her affidavit with TripAdvisor reviews and rankings to validate that her abundant acquaintance wasn’t a one-off afore booking. I’d been on a brace of cruises with Norwegian before, so I was accustomed with the booking action and accepted cruise experience, so aloof the breadth and address were new to me!

When did you book your flight? Do you anticipate you got a acceptable deal? I appointed the flight with afar the night afore I left. All my planned flights and backups concluded up actuality abounding and United had one flight for abandoned 12,500 afar and $81 (including a $75 “late booking fee.”) I ample that was annual abstracted my fretfulness and already had 7,500 afar from a cruise to Iceland aftermost year. I use acclaim cards about alone for the rewards, so I had 5,000 Chase credibility that I transferred to United to awning the difference. For the return, the standby admission is absolutely a aloft advantage of the job and you assignment in this industry alive that your abject bacon may be lower than added industries as a result. I’ve accustomed offers from added companies for added money, but aback I booty advantage of the flight benefits, it ends up actuality added admired for me to fly for free/cheap. (We additionally acquire an amazing retirement plan and healthcare, so that doesn’t hurt!)

Do you acquire acclaim agenda debt as a aftereffect of booking this vacation? No, I had been planning on demography a semi-pricey cruise during this ages for a while, so I had been putting a bit added in my accumulation annual as a result.

Did you use acclaim agenda points/miles to pay for genitalia of this trip? I acclimated credibility from my Chase Sapphire Adopted agenda to alteration to United to awning the aberration amid my accrued antithesis and what I bare to book the flight to Vancouver. It’s one of my admired acclaim cards for bodies that biking frequently as there are no all-embracing fees and the credibility alteration to abounding aloft partners, both hotels and airlines. 

What was your admired allotment of the trip? I anticipate the sightseeing bout through the White Canyon Mountains was my admired allotment of the trip. I had a abundant bout adviser on the van ride into Canada and the alternation ride aback bottomward was a actual actual and fun experience. Skagway was absolutely my admired anchorage so that the accomplished day was apparently the best of the trip!

What admonition would you accord addition who is traveling to the aloft location?Don’t book your excursions through the cruise ship! Norwegian offered excursions actual agnate to the ones that I took for a college amount and afresh you additionally usually acquire a added awash baiter or bus against smaller, added affectionate experiences. This is my accepted admonition for any cruiser. Do your adapted analysis with vendors and it will be annual your money and time. TripAdvisor is abundant for reviews and accomplish abiding to aces a aggregation that guarantees you’ll be aback on the baiter and finer has bags of blessed barter accommodating to abutment them online.

Is there annihilation about your cruise you would do abnormally in retrospect? I don’t anticipate I would go on an Alaska cruise by myself again. I acquire cruised and catholic abandoned before, but aback it was Alaska, the demographic is awfully altered than the Caribbean and island cruises and there was not abundant for me to do onboard. This ship, too, was one of my atomic favorites. The aliment was actual unimpressive and there weren’t a ton of areas onboard to aloof relax and apprehend in a adequate setting. Aback it was algid and airy out, that alone best of the accouter areas, but annihilation central fabricated up for it. Also, admitting actuality an autist (I antic about actuality a anchoress with my friends!) if I had not run into my acquaintance alive onboard, I anticipate I would acquire been actual afflicted for abridgement of acquaintance with anyone about my age.

Is there annihilation you admired you had time to do but didn’t?I would absolutely go on an Alaska cruise again, but with friend(s)! A lot of bodies I talked to were blockage for a few canicule afterwards the cruise concluded to do some camping, hiking or sightseeing at Kenai Fjords Civic Park, and that’s article I would absolutely be absorbed in doing. But, I was bound on time off, so it’s article to attending advanced to abutting time!

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